Pawpaws R Us

Our pawpaws are ripening a couple of weeks ahead of time this year.  Recent heavy rains really have ’em dropping.  I’m still looking for the perfect pawpaw recipe.  Have tried pawpaw bread, pawpaw pudding, pawpaw preserves, even peanut butter and pawpaw sandwiches.  But I don’t seem to be one of those people who has a taste for this fruit.

Pawpaws are notoriously hard to keep.  They get overripe in a matter of days.   So to keep the pulp, the fruit must be peeled, seeded and frozen.  I have been told that a little pawpaw in vanilla ice cream is a connoisseur’s delight.  If you have a recipe, please post it as a comment.  Click here for the page of recipes on our site.

We have sold pawpaw fruit to the local Bistro in the past.  The pawpaws pictured here are from a mature grafted tree called ‘Overlease’.  The fruit is quite large and richly flavored.  The tree is very productive.  Another variety in our planting, ‘Mango’, produces large to very large fruit, rounder and paler than that of ‘Overlease’.  The flavor, even to someone still learning to like this fruit, is rich, sweet and mild.

Grafted Pawpaw

We have a few nice grafted trees of ‘Overlease’ and ‘Mango’ in our nursery this year.  We will be pricing them on the website soon.  We also have a good crop of seedling trees as well.

The botanical Latin for pawpaw is Asimina triloba.  Pawpaw is the largest fruit native to North America.  An interesting bit of trivia:  pawpaw is the only host tree for the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly.  We see these beauties most summers when they stop by our  trees for a snack.

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